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    Founded in 2015 by video operations and production expert Jason Jhung, NPP LLC was created for impact in the information age. In a data-driven marketplace, decision-makers like entrepreneurs, executives, and agents are forced to quickly reach conclusions about people, products and strategies. With windows of opportunity reduced to a matter of seconds, traditional conversations are over before an exchange of pleasantries. In contrast, nothing cuts through the clutter quite like clear and concise video content. The company’s knowledge of camera, lighting, and audio operations helps to keep projects on schedule and on budget, while ensuring discretion in the field.

    The NPP LLC mission is to help your corporate or personal brand blossom through the power of creative video. Our team represents a lifetime of experience in the arts & entertainment field, with the skills, tools and sensitivity needed to frame businesses, personalities and events through a constructive lens. NPP sees the client vision from start to finished product, overseeing and coordinating delivery. No project is too large as NPP has access to an extensive network of freelance specialists to build the right project team for your needs. NPP strives to execute our client’s vision with the assurance we will be with you every step of the way.

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    Video Production

    NPP produces superior professional quality video content for events, interviews and advertisements, including public service announcements (PSAs). The core NPP format is ideal as website content and for digital media distribution. Through conversations with clients intended to elicit and highlight critical themes, NPP produces two distinct segments:

    • Video “teaser” for social media upload (up to :30) – A quick-hitting summary of your brand mission and value proposition
    • Company “brand vision” video (up to :90), standard package including limited revisions and a copy of all original shoot content, organized for ease of reference for evergreen usage.

    Based on the nature and scope of the engagement, NPP LLC relies on a diverse team of professionals to capture and convey the magnitude and emotion of the moment. Project teams typically include:

    • Videographer – Selected for skill and discretion, and ready to travel anywhere in the world to secure the perfect shoot.
    • Shoot Producer – Once-in-a-lifetime moments should never be left to serendipity. NPP relies on some of the most talented producers that think on their feet.
    • Lead Video Producer – Keeping the team on track and on budget takes an experienced manager, one reason your LVP is often the MVP.
    • Video Editor – The hardest job is leaving good footage behind. NPP editors make the tough decisions to portray subject matter in the most positive and credible light.
    • Animator/Graphics – According to adage, pictures are worth words. Great graphics are invaluable. NPP graphic designer and animators have produced content for television, film and professional sports associations.
    • Audio Technicians – An unsatisfied client says “what?” NPP will never know. Our team has the skills and technicians needed to ensure that exceptional video is never diminished by inferior sound quality.

    Digital Asset Management

    Curated content is the foundation for sustaining successful campaigns. NPP organizes and tags original media for seamless integration into your current DAM system or unique digital content library.


    Many businesses and personalities understand the power of video, but often don’t maximize the potential of their digital assets. NPP partners with clients including individuals, small businesses and global enterprises to take the first step toward realization or optimization of their strategic brand vision.

    Deep experience in managing creative operations and pre-production video campaigns combine with a commitment to continuous communication to create engaging content – on schedule and on budget.

  • Projects

    Our philosophy is simple. Provide great content that solves your problem. Here are a few that we like.

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  • Team

    Born and raised in New York City, Jason Jhung, founder and president of NPP LLC, realized at an early age that everyone has an interesting tale to tell. In the city that doesn’t sleep, he also learned that if you want your story to be heard, you’d better get to the point quickly.

    The son of ballet legend Finis Jhung and Yuriko Honsho, Jason spent his formative years at The Collegiate School, graduating with a BA in English from Vassar College. Much as his father found his passion with ballet, Jason fell in love with the game of baseball at the age of 6 and it was the nucleus of his journey through life.
    In 2001, Jason’s passion for America’s National Pastime brought him to Switzerland, where he was a semi-professional player and coach for the Embrach Mustangs. This time away from the comforts of home deepened Jason’s appreciation for sports as a unifying force for humanity, and how shared experience will resonate across cultural divides.

    Jason’s knowledge and experiences were the foundation for his work with MLB Productions from 2004-2015, as he rose to the position of Manager, Library & Acquisitions, responsible for the implementation of MLB’s Digital Asset Management system. He also had the opportunity of a lifetime, traveling the country working with the RBI Program, producing over 15 program branding and feature videos for RBI’s online platform from 2012-2014.

    With a vast network of industry professionals and resources, Jason and NPP aim to bring you a crisp execution of your vision.