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Beyond Dance Studios NYC Promo

This Beyond Dance NYC Promo Video was shot over 4 days at the Beyond Dance NYC Summer Workshop in Bay Ridge, NY.

I had less than a week to put together the shoot itinerary and find a way to conduct interviews with all 8 choreographers who were each there only one day. Working around 4 hours each day, the mission was accomplished!

There is still a wealth of unused interview sound and b-roll that Beyond Dance NYC can use for short marketing videos and testimonials going forward.

The introduction segment of the video is meant to also serve as a stand-alone (I took everything up until the train station and made that the teaser) video if needed/ wanted.

The meat is giving background on Jenn, her connection to dance, how and why she opened her own studio, who her target audience is and perspective on what she has done so far from a parent and one of her teachers.

I can’t wait to see this up on their website and I hope you all enjoy!